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NY. Gemological Institute is fully equipped, both in manner of advance equipment & personnel as we have some of the most recognized gemologists of Pakistan’s Gem & Jewelry industry.

Our team consists of reputed, highly qualified and experienced specialists. We are also one of the few gemological laboratories in the world to hold personnel working with us who have previously worked in ISO 17025-2017 system and are accredited from a full ILAC member accreditation center.

Our esteemed team members have been serving the Gems and Jewelry industry since 1984 by certifying diamonds, gemstones and jewelry following the best and most recognized gemological standards. Aiming to honor the legacy, NY, gemological Institute follows the highest ethical and professional standards.

Laboratory Mission

Our mission is to educate and further advance the industry by serving as a dedicated and responsible lab. We aim to protect the trade and help maintain a positive and sustainable industry by following the best and most advance gemological practices.

Team Members

Mansoor Usman

Mansoor Usman


Jahanzaib Qureshi

Chief Gemologist | GIA GG, AJP

NY. Gemological Pin Location


G-22, Gold Trade Center, Zaib un Nisa Street, Saddar 74300 Karachi. Pakistan.

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