Diamond is a unique member of the gem world. Part of that uniqueness arises from the fact that it’s made of a single element: CARBON. It is one of the most important gemstones and is usually transparent to nearly colorless. When fashioned, it is the most brilliant of gems.

NY. Gemological Institute provides a complete course about this brilliant gem. The course equips you with the knowledge of:

  • Assigned Colour
  • Weight In Carats
  • Description Of Shape
  • Cutting Style
  • Transparency
  • Specific Dimensions.
  • The report also mentions if there is any treatment identified.
  • High quality picture of the gem.

The course not only focuses on theory, but also includes a hands-on practice lab where students are taught to handle a diamond following GIA standard practices


  • Secondary school education.
  • Basic understanding of science.

Who will benefit:

  • Diamond dealer
  • Jewellery retailer
  • Jewellery sales person
  • Jewellery designer
  • Gemstone cutter
  • People perusing diamond grading courses from
  • institutes such as
    • GIA
    • AIGS
    • IGI
    • HRD, and more

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